Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hearts Edging

Original video (where I actually didn’t put the second triple in the right place, oops!)

New video which hopefully is more clear and less shaky-cam!

I wanted to edge a flannel that had a heart pattern and this is what I came up with. It involves crossed triples into the first round of the edging and is probably an intermediate pattern. Please let me know if the instructions are unclear.

Materials: Size 7 hook 1.65 mm
Cotton thread, size 10

Round 1: Sc around, sl st to first sc.

Round 2: Ch 6, skip 2 sc, dc in next, (skip 2 sc, ch 3, dc in 3rd sc) repeat between () around, sl st in 3rd ch of ch6.

Round 3: *[Sl st in ch 3 space, tr in 2nd open sc below in row 1, (hdc, tr, sc, tr, hdc) all in the same ch3 space, tr in 1st open sc below, sl st in same ch3 space], 4 sc in next ch3 space* Repeat between * to beginning, join with sl st.

I have attached a video of me doing the crossed heart stitch. I did it quickly and probably should have reshot it because I actually made a bit of an error in it (can you spot it!?) but this is just how life is these days. As good as it gets. It's a free pattern. If I was charging for it, I'd make more effort to make it perfect. Probably. Possibly.


leni425 said...

That is just so cute!

Catherine/Yarncat said...

Super edging!Thanks!!

Denice said...

I think you're missing some stitches. Row 2 should have CH 3 after the DC then skip 2 SC

Yarn Crazy Girl said...

The pattern has been edited and hopefully is correct now.

Unknown said...

These are some great edges, thanks for sharing.